Tiniroto A-Z…


School Celebration assemblies are held on Thursday of the final week of term and will take place at school. Start time will vary depending on the assembly content. Parents and the community are all welcome to attend. These assemblies are child friendly, and child centred.


Parents are to ring or email the office daily prior to 8.15 am if their child is going to be absent. They are expected to give the reason for absence. Alternatively, parents can email the school at office@tiniroto.school.nz, or email us through the Parent-Teacher App.



In developing a behaviour structure for Tiniroto School we have deliberately moved away from rigid rules and systems that try to link a punitive response to specific misbehaviours.

Instead expectations of and responses to behaviour at Tiniroto School are centred on our values of Respect, Integrity, Self-management and Empathy (RISE). Student actions are measured in terms of the extent to which they support or negate these values and staff, in their responses to students, should be equally mindful of them.

Our school currently enjoys excellent staff student relationships and high quality student behaviour. The aim of our behaviour program is to maintain and further enhance this through educating students about their behaviour and giving them increasing opportunities to take responsibility for it.

The Principle of Restorative Practice

Restorative practice is the natural partner of respectful and empathetic relationships in our school and It should underpin all our interactions with students.

For more information and for a full copy of our behaviour procedure, please contact the school office or the principal.


We encourage our students to become adept on bicycles and scooters and while we are rural, do address road safety. School and personally owned bicycles and scooters may be ridden during break and lunch times, provided students demonstrate adequate care. Bicycles and helmets need to be returned to the bike racks and helmets hung up properly. Personally owned scooters and skateboards are to be stored under the shelter by the cloak bay, yet away from bags and door ways. The lower tennis court is available at break and lunchtime for students to use skateboards /scooters and bikes. The wearing of safety helmets is compulsory for all cycling students.



Students are required to be in the confines of school at interval and lunchtime.

Out of bounds areas include:

  • Anywhere outside of the school front gate/field fences
  • The native boundary at the back of the school
  • The watertank/ancillary building areas behind the classrooms
  • The native track at the back of the school
  • The Bus bay/turning area. The main gates must be closed during school hours.


The bus controller (Principal) has responsibility for students using the school bus.


Please note, you must live 3.2km from the school to be entitled to the bus service. For enquiries, please email or call the office.

Concerns about behaviour come to the bus controller (Principal) who keeps a record and contacts the students involved and their parents.  Ongoing concerns could lead to removal from the bus for a specified period of time.

 Bus Rules
We follow our RISE values when on the bus. We also have these guidelines:

  • Students must sit in their designated seat unless they have the consent of the bus driver.
  • Students must remain seated while the bus is travelling.
  • At all times be respectful to our bus driver. We expect our students to greet and farewell our bus driver respectfully.
  • All concerns should be reported ASAP to the bus controller.
  • Inappropriate behaviour may result in the student being withdrawn from the bus roll and having to find his/her own transport.


Students follow our RISE values when using the technology and the internet. At the beginning of each year, students review the agreement and go over it with their parents/family. It is then signed and returned to be kept on file.


  • We treat the computers with care. We leave cords, the mouse, keyboards as they were found.
  • If something is broken or not working, we let the teacher know
  • We turn the computers off and on properly.
  • We are gentle when we type
  • We close programs and windows after we have used them


  • We use the computer as if there was a teacher or adult standing behind us; if they wouldn’t be okay with it, we won’t do it.
  • We will not give anyone on the internet information about ourselves or anyone else. This includes addresses, phone numbers or photographs.
  • We tell the teacher if something has happened while we are on the computer.
  • If something comes up on the computer that we are unsure of, we tell the teacher immediately.


  • We use our time wisely on the computer.
    We use the computer for the right purpose or task.
  • We manage our time well while on the computer.
  • We follow this agreement at all times.
  • We use appropriate language in all communications.


  • We take turns and allow others the freedom to think and learn while they work on the computers.
  • We tidy up the area and return our books/stationery from the computer when we have finished so that others can use the space.
  • We work quietly while on and around the computers, so that others can learn.


Students agree to follow the RISE values computer guidelines. They understand that if they do not follow these guidelines, they will own it, fix it, learn from it. A consequence may be that they miss out on computer and IPad time until they can follow the agreement.


We have a library which can be used by the children at any time. We make sure that the books we purchase are up-to-date and relevant to the children. All library books are to be issued through the computer. Students are allowed two books for a two-week period. These books can be renewed. All books are to be returned to the box in the classroom. These are then entered back into the library through the computer and placed on the shelves by the students.

Preschoolers are welcome to become members of our library and can come at any time to browse the selection and take out books. It would be appreciated if you let us know in advance so that we can insure there is someone who can issue books for you.

Lost books will be invoiced to the family – so dig high and low to find them!


Our parent teacher group is a group of parent volunteers and teaching staff who meet to organise fundraising or any other activity such as suppers, morning or afternoon teas that the school wishes to organise. We refer to these amazing people as our FOTS (Friends of Tiniroto School). The school liaison person on this group is the Principal. The parent representative and chair is Karen Newman. We have clear procedures for our group and welcome your energy and enthusiasm! Please contact the school if you would like to know more.


Formal prize giving is held on an evening of the last week of the school year. At this prize giving, awards, cups and trophies are awarded to the selected students. Students are generally nominated and or selected by staff, with the group consensus deciding about who awards go to. A guest speaker may be invited to speak and present awards. Parents/Caregivers and community members are all welcome to attend.


The school uniform top is available for purchase from The Warehouse in Gisborne. The link for it is below and they cost under $20. We are happy to order these for you. They do not have a logo on them. Our day to day polo shirts are hard wearing and easy to wash. The colour is Jade. http://www.schooltex.co.nz/jade-pique-polo-240gm.html

All students need to wear black  leggings/jeans/trackpants/shorts/skirts. Please, no stripes, patterns or logos on the bottoms. If you would like the school to purchase the polo top and pay in instalments, let the Princiapl know and they will be ordered on behalf.

The school uniform polar fleece is navy blue with the school logo on the front. These must be ordered through the school and will be subsidized by the school. You are welcome to pay these off over time. Please enquire at the office.

We also have a ‘going out / sport’ uniform which is kept at school and issued when we travel. This is funded by the school from money raised by our Friends of Tiniroto School (FOTS) group.