At Tiniroto School we have many ways of connecting our school, students and families.

We welcome your input throughout the year to take part in our school activities and events.

Student Led Learning Conversations:

We hold these at the beginning, middle and end of the school year. These conversations are led by the students.  At each SLLC, students share their successes and the goals they have met, talk about their learning, and share their next steps with you.

Curriculum Parent Meetings:

We hold workshops to give parents practical tools to help children become empowered learners, better readers, enthusiastic writers and super spellers!   Parents, Grandparents and interested community members are welcome to attend.  


At the beginning and middle of the year we will give you a goal sheet that details what your children’s goals are. In addition to this, you will get two written reports a year:   The first (mid year) shows how your children are progressing to meeting ‘curriculum expectations’ in Reading, Writing and Maths.   In addition we will also comment on their learning behaviours, and developing abilities and skills in all curriculum areas such as: PE, Inquiry and The Arts.  This will be in the form of a learning journal which you are able to keep at the end of the year.  The second report (end of year) is a more comprehensive report that shows how your children’s learning and achievement sits in relation to curriculum expectations. We also show how your children have progressed in all other areas, including the key competencies as set out in the New Zealand Curriculum.

Whanau Help:

If you have skills to offer our school, we would love to hear from you. Gardening, art, woodwork, fixing, farming, hunting… our kids would love to hear about it and take part in learning from your expertise.  We would also love for you to come on down and help us out in the classroom in general for example, listening to children read or reading to children.  You are always welcome.


Being a part of your child’s education is the best gift you can give them, and one that will last for years. There are many ways you can take part in your child’s learning, both in and out of school.

-Talk together about your days, hopes, dreams, jobs, beliefs and values

-Encourage debate and discussion

-Read with and to your children every day

-Encourage your children to write shopping lists, birthday cards, draw maps, tell you directions, explain how their favourite games work.

-Do everyday maths with your child in real life situations

-Ask your children what their goals are – in school and in life!

Home Learning:


All children have a home learning book which they will bring home each day (Monday to Thursday).  A home learning sheet will be given to each child at the beginning of the week and this will be glued into their home learning book.  This usually involves a small amount of Reading, Spelling and Basic Facts.  We try to accommodate what parents and caregivers require in the way of home learning and can cater for less, more or any areas you would like to work on.